Casey Liddicoat

Co-Founder • Creative • Wavemaker

A believer in going big, in finding a story’s true essence, in editing like you mean it. Thinks that life is a movie and he’s the star. Brand new father and only slightly out of his depth. Otis Redding junkie. Crossword finisher, sometimes.

A.J. Marz

Co-Founder • Director • Pathfinder

The get-after-it director with creative to burn. Known for knocking down doors and over-delivering on every task. A man at home in nature. A man of many sound effects. A man of thought not words, of action not promises.


Two dudes who believe in going big, in finding a story’s true essence, in editing until you can edit no longer. We are AJ Marz and Casey Liddicoat – just a pair of straight up video branding freethinkers, rooting out the audiovisual souls of the brands we love. We formulate, design, and execute completely unique video branding concepts for and in collaboration with our partners.

We are the lifeforce behind each Pop Pop Digital creation.

But we’re more than just two dudes. We’re a collective, and the two of us have cultivated an all-star crop of video branding heavyweights. We handcraft the precise powerhouse team to execute the vision your brand deserves.

Say it with us. (It’s fun.)


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